3 Tips when meeting your new dentist

On 21st September 2018 by Tanya

I met my new dentist, last month, same practise and I was nervous. She asked me questions and I forgot most of the answers.

Tip one; Question one. How often do you brush your teeth? I brush and floss in the morning and afternoon and at lunch time. So, I carry dental floss and two interdental floss brushes and use those when I am away from home. The dental hygienist was so impressed by my routine that she gave me a gold star and no further visits. A saving of £80.00 per visit, I am happy with that.

Tip 2. What do you brush your teeth with? Well I have a soft tooth brush and a Miswack stick. I chose a beautiful soft toothbrush which I enjoyed using. Then I graduated to a Miswack stick or twig. The twig is really easy to use; after stripping the bark away and cutting a half an inch off, chewing the end so it looks like a brush I was ready to go.

A question she did not ask was how do you brush your teeth?

Very gently, each tooth has it’s allocated time from top to bottom with a soft vibration and held between two fingers and a relaxed wrist.

Tip 3 Question 3 Do you drink fizzy drinks? Yes, I used to love the Italian lemonade drink and the sugarless lemonade. I started just putting a few drops in a drink of water and wonder what to do with the remainder of the can ? That way it took a long time to finish the bottle or can. So, now I can say without hesitation.

No, I drink water. My new dentist smiled when I said that.

There are more tips on the www.yourhappymouth.com

Anxiety and Depression

On 19th March 2018 by Tanya

When I was a teenager I suffered from “moods” huge swings from feeling happy, when I got good grades at school to feeling downcast when I got a grade which could be important for the future.

My parents brought us from Trinidad in the West Indies to have a good English education and it was important that I was doing well. No pressure at all from my parents! Just knowing that if I did badly at school I would be letting them down. In addition to that I am the eldest child so, there were others looking up to me. My younger, brother said well I did not get a degree as you did! Instead he got something else, which suited him better. So, maybe that could have helped towards me feeling anxious and worried most of those” happy go lucky years” at school, then later college and early days in my career.

When I left Careers Officers Training College I was anxious to get a job that suited the long, hard years of study.

I approached Southampton careers office, for a job. The Principal had a reputation for being severe and no-one wanted to apply who had just left college. I got it and managed a stormy time there. So, I decided to get another job and leave. This said boss would not write me a reference because in his opinion I required more experience in his office. I got discouraged and went to the doctor with my tale of woe. He prescribed tranquilisers because he thought I was depressed. The problem was I enjoyed a drink, then and it was not possible to do both, so after a couple of days I flushed the tranquilisers down the toilet.

I was not aware of Access Bars® and I began looking for alternatives to the anxiety I felt more or less constantly. I eventually left my highly paid senior Careers officers job and most people said I was having a” nervous breakdown”. I chose to ignore them what was the point of being unhappy and having lots of money and feeling constantly constricted? I found yoga and started to teach it that reduced the anxiety and later the Alexander Technique, until I discovered Access Bars® 3 years ago. The reduction in anxiety and discouraged feeling has been greatly helped by having my Bars® run, regularly.

I offer sessions in Bars® and I am amazed at how quickly clients respond to this very gently touch, it seems to melt concerns away. So, for now I will offer it and have it done myself. The latest study done about Bars® shows independently that it does work.

Talking about Teeth

On 18th March 2018 by Tanya

Last November, one of my dental crowns fell out and I visited the dentist in order to have it glued back in. She advised me about using a special crown flosser and I was lucky enough to obtain the very last one from the local chemist .In October I had started to follow the advice of Dr Tom Kelso the Happy Mouth® dentist. I was doing a class with the world wide co-ordinator Shauna Teaken who mentioned a simple, practise to help the mouth and the gums and I bought the softest toothbrush, I could find and began using it. It is recommended to change the diet to a slightly alkaline one so; I slowly made that change as well. I had to find out what that was!

Last week, I went for my usual check-up and the dentist said “Oh I can see an improvement in the amount of plaque from last time”. She was reluctant to remove the very tiny, amount which had built up. I am delighted!

In January, I had taken on more of the Happy Mouth® practises and started using the recommended mouthwash as well as the Chinese herbs and willow sticks, instead of tooth brush. At first, all of this seems daunting however I got into the swing of things quite easily. In fact, it was fun especially when I visited a chemist who did not stock Hydrogen Peroxide (for the mouthwash) she gave me a lecture about the UK’s state of high alert as being the reason.

I knew in my heart that it is possible to change the health of the teeth and gums and my determination is now reaping its rewards.

I choose not to tell my dentist about the extra, practise I had started; a few years ago she and I were talking about teeth and whether it was possible to re-grow them. She said no, so I figured it would be best to keep things to myself and lo, things had changed, naturally and effortlessly. If you would like to know more about what I am currently doing to improve the health of my teeth and gums I would be happy to talk or write to you.

Family and the Gift of Xmas.

On 11th December 2017 by Tanya

My usual family pattern is trauma and drama, with strong points of view about everything.

One says says something the other does not like the other slams the phone down and does not speak for the next 3 days months or 3 years. I was talking to an Access Consciousness® facilitator about this. My question was how do I jump off this merry go round? Sometimes I feel like a fly pinned up against a wall of my family’s trauma and drama, their strong points of view coupled with being the eldest in a family of 5 siblings. It can all get a bit wearing when we are locked into a pattern that we do not seem able to get out of. She suggested that my home-play could be “Interesting point of view I have this point of view” or “Interesting point of view she or he has this point of view”. The first time I said it aloud when my mother was having a rant about something and she stopped and said “which part of what I said is interesting?” Ha ha, she stopped and I could get a breathing space in between and choose to say or do something different. For that split second she could stop and allow me some space. When my husband has a strong, opinion or point of view about something I say this in my head interesting point of view he has this point of view. He carries on talking and then realises I have not jumped in and agreed or disagreed with him and then suspecting that I am “inhibiting” as he calls it he realises that nothing much is happening my end (except I am busy in my mind saying this) and he stops and we usually both end up laughing. With my new found confidence I was in a shop when the sales assistant was strongly defending the benefits of having a red and blue car over a white one, including the scientific reports about having one colour over another.

Mentally I was saying IPOV she has that point of view, until it eventually all fizzled out and the subject got changed to something neutral that we both could enjoy.

So, when you family are driving you up the wall with their opinions and their points of view, perhaps that is all it is? All, just an interesting point of view?

How much are you willing to receive?

On 1st December 2017 by Tanya

The clearings tools and processes of Access Consciousness is a new class I am facilitating. The class is drawn from the book “Money is not the problem, you are” by Gary M. Douglas Dr Dain Heer.

For years I have had difficulties with receiving and that for me was closely linked with being willing to receive money.

I have never been interested in money. However I have been interested in the subject and studied “A” Level Economics and Economic History. At college, part of my degree was in Economics. I got very excited when I learnt about the Stock Exchange. There was a place in London, which not only bought and sold goods but stocks and shares. It trades with other places just like it all over the world. There was a special paper devoted to financial matters called the “Financial Times” and it was pink. I still enjoy hearing the rates of exchange the GBP and the US dollar.

And people judged me for having that interest; “you are so mercenary” So, I learnt to keep quiet. The other thing I did was charge very little for my services, owe money and get into debt. Just like every-one else. I did it to be seen as “spiritual”

Until I met Reiki and was encouraged to ask for money for my services. I was given guidelines. So, for instance I was encouraged to ask for £1,000 to do a Master’s Training course.

I felt it was wrong to ask for that much for doing something I considered really easy. So, I asked for less and I usually got people who complained they would like a discount, etc.

Until I did an Access on-line Class with Dr Dain Heer which suggested I put 10% of my income away. He said that we have things the wrong way around that we are supposed to have money not just spend it.

The 10% account is to honour yourself rather than every-one and bills first. I had very little money when I decided to do this every week I put money away into an account and I did not spend it. I shopped around for an ISA with a good interest rate, put £100 in from a low paying ISA and started. That was 2 and half years ag this year I bought my first ever Government Gilt and collected the interest on it. My enthusiasm for finances was realised this year when I visited and Investment Banking House for the first time in London.

If you are interested in attending the class there are many more tools and tips and clearing which could help you.

Secrets of a long and happy life

On 1st November 2017 by Tanya

Okinawa is an island just south west of Japan where the world’s longest living people, live. A study done by Canadian researchers over a 25 year period found 10 key areas which could have contributed to this.

I cover five of the points here.

Their diet is rich in fruit and vegetables, up to10 daily. Included rice, chicken, meat, pork, fish. Cholesterol levels were low when tested.

They celebrated births, deaths, weddings funerals and other local customs, through traditional dancing and music and arts.

All religions are welcome.

Boys and girls play non-competitive games, traditionally.

They had high levels of physical activity, one research participant a 90 year old was found cutting sugar cane at the back of his home.

The book “The Okinawa Way” describes all the points.

I was fortunate to visit the island and could see those long lived and happy people.

What would give us in the West a long and happy life?

May I suggest the following?

Have more fun, only you know what fun is for you.

Have a quiet period during the day for a 3 to 5 minute relaxation.

Move, some people enjoy a run other just require a gentle 10 minute stroll.

Go into nature more, especially when winter comes.

Be grateful for all the little things that make life wonderful.

Cellular Memory

On 7th August 2017 by Tanya

Cellular Memory is one of the Access Body Processes, which can change things for the better.

Last year whilst travelling up to Scotland by car, I used it on myself. We had had a break at a service station and were resuming our journey. I sat down and turned my head to put my seat belt on. My husband got in the car and swung his elbow to get his seatbelt. My head was in the way and got the full force of the blow. It hurt and brought tears to my eyes. Luckily I remembered cellular memory as being useful for accidents and I used it. I put my hands on top of my head and asked for it to run. Several miles later the pain had reduced and eventually went.

On another occasion a friend got stung by a wasp and I asked if he would like me to run this process on his finger. He agreed and I asked for it to run and it did. His finger was red and swollen and quite painful. A month later he said he had returned home and the swelling had gone down, he showed me his finger and it was smooth and matched the others. Both times I also used rescue remedy and the two seemed to work really well together.

I am using it currently to heal a scar from an operation I had some years ago.

Can Houses whisper?

On 11th July 2017 by Tanya

In the 1990’s there was a film called the “Horse Whisperer”.

I found the film fascinating; it was about a horse and a rider both involved in an accident. They suffered trauma as a result of the accident, the horse, was difficult to handle. Then the owner brought in a free spirited “horse-whisperer”. Because of his experience he was able to bring healing to the situation.

So, what if houses emitted the same way of communicating?

Near to where I live in Thatcham, Berkshire is a beautiful, old house called the Priory. One day I was minding my own business, having a bath and heard the house say “I do not like all the arguments” .At the time there were numerous opinions about should be done with the House. Should it be sold to pay for repairs? Should it be kept for Community use? After I heard the house whisper to me I went to every council meeting connected with it. A special Priory committee was formed. I asked the house what do you require? What would be best for you? I did this whoever I walked by. Or I just simply said hello.

Finally one day it was announced that a mental health charity had an approached the council and offered a 30 year lease for a project they had in mind.

The house breathed a sigh of relief, when the council accepted.

Is your house whispering to you?

If it is what is it saying?

When was the last time you sat under a tree?

On 1st June 2017 by Tanya

I used to sit under trees quite a lot. When the estate agents were showing buyers around our last home, I sat under an oak tree. It did not take them long to look around and they decided to buy it. The property also had a 200 year old female oak tree in the garden. She gave shelter to numerous wildlife and each spring and summer we had nesting birds and fledging around the garden.

This year I am in awe of a beautiful maple tree which graces next door’s garden. At first it refused to thrive and was due to be cut down and it began to grow, again. This year I am also waiting for the lime flowers to open and give that distinctive fragrance which they do in the early summer. Lime blossom tea is one of my favourite drinks.

If sitting under trees is not your idea of fun maybe you connect with nature in other ways. Maybe you prefer flowers? Maybe where you live is in a high rise building and far away from nature?

The Restoration of Communion with Earth is one of the Access Body processes, which helps us to reconnect with the earth. It can be run for either 20 minutes or 45 minutes.

What is it good for? It is for the people who are so busy that the true connection with earth has gone. Where our busy lives and driven ways has disconnected us from the beauty which is always around us. So for just one hour would you be willing to be nurtured by this body process?

Access Body Process, Invocation of Death

On 5th March 2017 by Tanya

Yesterday, I had this Access Body Process run on me. We learned this almost two years ago and it seemed the appropriate process.

My mother- in- law passed last month, she allowed us to have ease with that by what she wrote in her “Book of Life.” She wished for a service at the church she attended and a cremation and a buffet at a local, hotel. Her will had been drafted years ago and we were to contact the solicitor.

Every step of the way we were met with kindness, support and generosity.

How is this run? The client lies down and the process is invited to run.

There are no set hand positions; the practitioner places her hands where the energy leads. It could be on the arms shoulders or legs.

What does it do? It releases the fear of death and brings more ease in the body, than before.

Who is it for? Do you see death as the worst thing which could happen? It makes a shift for you, to have more choice and choose life.

Treatment price is £52.00.

Telephone 01635-866409 or e-mail Tanya@Whannell.co.uk

A pair of glasses on a kitchen counter

Mindfulness Training – What is it and how do I do it?

On 6th November 2016 by Tanya

Rooted in ancient Buddhist tradition mindfulness has been adapted and scientifically proven to assist with modern life.

What is it? It can be described as taking a pause between thoughts or actions in order to change the thoughts or actions.

Brain waves are the frequencies of electrical discharge that the brain produces. The electrical charge of our brain’s activity is measured in hertz or HZ. The higher the number of hertz the faster the operation of our brain.

Beta 14-3- Hz when you are talking or interacting in normal activities with others you are in beta brain wave state. Beta occurs when a person is actively engaged in mental activity or is under stress, fear or tension. Our capacity for problem solving is limited.

Alpha 8-13HZ Alpha brain waves are higher wider and more relaxed. Alpha waves are present when the brain is alert but relaxed such as during meditation, daydreaming, prayer and when watching television. Many health benefits have been proven to occur by taking a portion of every day to engage in alpha brain activity.

Mindfulness can be learnt in a group. I teach classes in this method. Learning together in a group brings enormous benefits, fun, is social, we discover a new life skill. I can also show you the ropes on an individual basis. It can be applied in person or over the telephone or through Skype.

My favourite mindfulness practise this one” a quiet kitchen”.

A few years ago whilst staying with my relative’s one of them complained that I was banging about in the kitchen. I was not even aware that I did that. It must have been truly annoying.

A Quiet Kitchen.

I was told that I kept a family member awake because I banged about in the kitchen!

I was delighted to find this gentle mindfulness practise. Maybe you could give it a go?

For just a few minutes decide to quietly put the kitchen china away in cupboards or drawers. Place each cup or mug down as if it is precious or would break if put down in a hurry.

Then, next place your cutlery in away in tray using the same careful quiet movements.

After that open and close the fridge door in the same way.

You may find yourself slowing down a little bit.

If you enjoyed doing that. Try it again a few days later.

This is the way to have a mindful practise. Good luck.

Person trying to sleep, looking at a clock

Insomnia and Access the Bars

On 22nd July 2016 by Tanya

Are you one of the thousands of people who wake up in the night several times?

Do you go to work exhausted and then crawl into bed the next night hoping for respite but just get a repeat performance of the night before?

You may have sought many remedies the traditional ones like counting sheep, keeping your bedroom dark, switching off mobile phones, printer, and televisions. And maybe the chemical induced ones like drink or prescription drugs. You may have also considered meditation and other natural remedies.

When I was a young careers officer wanting to advance in my job I got much stressed and could not sleep, for worry. My doctor gave me tranqulisers which made me very sleepy. They did not solve the problem; I solved the problem myself by taking a job in another sector of local government and then re-applying for a more senior position later. All of this upset took around two years to resolve.

What if you could have an easier solution to your stress related insomnia?

Access The Bars is an energy body process. There are  points on the head which correspond directly to Health and Healing, Peace and Calm.

In just one hour some of the stress and worry can dissolve so that you too can enjoy the good night’s sleep you had as a child.

There are thirty two energetic points on the head so there may be additional benefits .Maybe you may come away feeling happier.

“Everything is the opposite of what it appears to be and nothing is the opposite of what it appears to be”

I say this access statement before I go to sleep at night and if I happen to wake up during the night. This seems to clear the unwanted chatter which goes on in my brain.

Then I can get a good night’s rest. Failing that I get my Bars run.

Person rubbing their neck

Is neck and shoulder pain the bane of your life?

On 17th July 2016 by Tanya

My neck and shoulder pain started after a car accident 2005.I suffered whiplash injury and it hurt! My doctor sent me for several sessions of physiotherapy and that also hurt. The pain and stiffness caused me to cry out during and after the sessions.

I went to visit an alternative practitioner a kinesiology’s, who suggested I drink more water and treated the stiffness. I also had regular Alexander Technique lessons with a colleague. We exchanged lessons for nearly two years.

I attended a workshop with a specialist Alexander Technique Teacher who focused on the arms and the use of the arms in daily life. Gradually the pain and stiffness subsided and I regained full function my neck and shoulder.

The Alexander Technique has been proven to assist patients with chronic neck pain. Chronic neck pain is a difficult condition to manage and those approaches with self care like the Alexander Technique can reduce the pain of the condition.

The ATLAS trial found that 517 patients who suffered from over 6 years of neck pain with associated disability and who had 20 or more one to one Alexander Technique lessons gained significant long term benefit.

The benefit continued to at the end of 12 months; 7 months after the Alexander Technique lessons had finished and one year after they began.

This trial was managed by the University of York and funded by the Arthritis Research UK.

Person rubbing their back

Suffering from Back, Neck or Shoulder Pain

On 15th May 2016 by Tanya

Suffer from Back, Neck or Shoulder pain?

Do you suffer from RSI, back, neck or shoulder pain, or tired eyes as result of using your computer?

The Alexander technique is a taught practical method of self care & self improvement.

An Alexander technique Teacher can show you with special hands on gentle guidance and spoken advise how your habits could be leading to unnecessary strain and tension on and off the computer. This method is taught privately, one to one and in small groups, locally.

A clinical trial started at the University of York in 2011. It is finding out the effectiveness of the Alexander technique and acupuncture in releasing chronic neck pain. Neck pain by the way accounts for 11% of the U.K’s total health care costs and is the second most common problem after back pain.

In this 3 year trial 450 people with chronic neck pain are being studied one third receive AT. Lessons and GP care one third receive acupuncture and GP are whilst the remainder receive G.P. care.

Whilst reading this stop for one moment, notice where your shoulder is. Are they around your ears? Now do nothing, then think of your neck being free and floating up and away from your shoulders. Then notice the difference.

Whilst holding the mouse notice how you fingers are squeezed around it, tightly. Stop then think of your neck again floating away towards the ceiling, as you quietly think of releasing any tension away from each of the fingers, one by one. Then notice the difference in the spread of you hands.

Notice where your feet are, is one foot wrapped around the other? Undo the twist and put it flat on the floor, so both feet are on the floor. Then think of your neck again gently floating away from the shoulders towards the ceiling, then think of each toe separating from the other.

These may seem like small things but in the long run you can help yourself in this way. Best of al let a teacher show you how. I have a private practise in Thatcham and can be reached on 01635 866409