Delicate Dentistry

1 Hospital Road Westbury Wiltshire BA15 3BQ

A dentist who will remove amalgam Fillings and replace with composite ones under safe conditions.

The official website of one of the biggest Reiki organizations.
A list of Reiki Practitioners

Alexander Technique
the website representing the teachers of the Alexander Technique, founded 1958. Find a teacher near you and further information on the Technique. Also information and links on back pain trials run by Southampton faculy and reported in the British Medical Journal.
Alexander teacher Chloe Stallibrass has had positive results with the Alexander Technique on pupils with Parkinsons disease.
British Medical Journal
Welcome to The Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique - the most comprehensive source for information about the Alexander Technique worldwide.

The Guardian Health & Wellbeing
Sam Murphy 21/8/08

The One Command®
The official website for The One Command, where you can join and discover the true power of who you are in achieving your goals, dreams and success through the programs.

Commanding Wealth videos
Bonnies Strehlow - InnerResources
Sherry Green Ph.D International Akashic Record Consultant

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Alexander Technique
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