Training & Events

Course Title: Psychic Awareness Class

Date & Time: Wednesday 3rd October 8.00 p.m. until 9.30p.m. For 6 weeks

Location: Green Lane Thatcham Berkshire RG19 3RG

This class is designed to uncover the magic of the hidden gifts of the unseen world. There will be simple practical exercises with weekly home play.

Cost is £15.00 for each evening. Kindly book your place via PayPal on the Access Bars page. In person attendance or Skype is possible, just ask!

Classes for Fun

Course Title: How different are you willing to be?

A class based on the book “Pragmatic Psychology Practical Tools for Being Crazy Happy! By Susanna Mittermaier. Would you be willing to be the only one who does not have a problem?

Course Title: How much are you willing to receive?

A class based on the book ”Money isn’t the problem you are” By Gary Douglas & Dr Dain Heer. So, what can I add to my life today that will create money right away?

Course Title: Create More Time More Money and More Joy

A class based on the book “The Joy of business” by Simone Milasas. What if your business is a separate entity from you?

All these classes are 3 and half hours long and are £45.00 each. They come with a manual which you can use after the class. I can come to you! Please ask!

Access Energetic Facelift.

Before you resort to Botox or go under the surgeon’s knife.

Try an Access Energetic Facelift. What is it?

A way of starting to energetically undo the ravishes of ageing. The face appears younger and more vibrant, your face starts to change and so do your points of view.

You start to look different, you act different, and your body benefits. How does this happen?

Certain energies work on the face & body; The stress drops away you stop judging your face and how it should look and become more at peace.

Access Energetic Facelifts take about 90 minutes and cost £100.00. Lie back and enjoy the deep relaxation this process creates.

£230 repeat price is £115.00.

Happy Mouth TM Generative Energetic Dentistry by Dr Tom Kelso

Full activation of the systems requires 21 days of activations.

Sessions are £132.00 payable in advance for 21 days.

They are for one hour to activate and to regenerate gum, bone, broken or chipped teeth and require a protocol of 21 days of consecutive sessions. Any less and you will be wasting your time and your money.

The practitioner stimulates by gentle rubbing or touch various points on your head. This takes 15 to 20 minutes the practitioner may then do some gentle holding of your face/cheeks/jaws for the rest of the time, as well as verbal processing similar to Access Consciousness Classes. We clear the energies which might be stuck in the mouth to assist the body to heal and regenerate itself.

There are 16 points altogether and your practitioner will discuss what you wish to change and a plan of sessions with you.

Children under 16 attending a Bars class go free.

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