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Course Title: How different are you willing to be? A new Class

Date & Time: Wednesday 23rd of May from 19.00 until 21.00

Location: Thatcham Memorial Hall Brownsfield Road Bath Road Thatcham Berkshire RG18 3AG

This is a practical Psychology Class based on the book “Pragmatic Psychology”

Were you ever told you were too shy, too loud, too this too that? And did not have the right answer at the tip of your tongue? This class is for you! The tips and tools of Access Consciousness may not turn you into a wise crack comedy act and they can help your life to be easier! You will be given a manual and plenty of support to change things! Cost of the Class is £30 payable in advance.

Access Energetic Facelift

What happens when you have one?

Client lies down or sits upright and is wrapped in a warm blanket. The Access Facelift reverses the appearance of aging on the face and creates similar effects throughout the body. If done repeatedly at least 20 times it appears to be permanent.

How the treatment is is done?

The energy around the person is cleared silently by the practitioner. The practitioner then runs several energies to release stress from the immune system, previous accidents, restoring youthfulness, cosmic Botox, a total 29. Then several Bars® points on the head are run, which lets the client more able to receive the facelift. She then touches the neck joints (clavicles) to give the neck area a gentle lift. Followed by the front and back of the neck and covers the chin. She places her hands the lower lip and then the upper lip. Then she touches the corner of the nostrils. Her fingers touch several points on the eyes and eyebrows. The last spot is at the top of the head to pull everything together upwards. There is one final spot and the client can go about, their day.

Who is it suitable for?

There is no upper or lower age limit and men and women equally are happy to have this treatment. Expect to stay for an hour and 30 minutes which includes completing a form. Photos of the session before and after can be taken if required.

Prices for one hour and 30 minutes £75.00
For teenagers between 16 & 18 half price.
Under 16 are free must come with an adult.

Pamper Parties; Access Facelifts are popular with groups.

Please contact me for further information, 01635 866409


I am available to give talks /mini-workshops to your group about any of the services I offer. They are fun and informative and speakers fees are reasonable.

Children under 16 attending a Bars class go free.

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