Tanya Whannell

Tanya Whannell


I’m Tanya Whannell, I live in Thatcham near Newbury in Berkshire. As a practitioner of alternative treatments & therapies, I have seen first hand the difference that can be made to peoples lives using these methods.

They really can be an ‘alternative’ to conventional medicines and specialists such as Osteopaths & Chiropractors.

Reiki Healer & Trainer

I have been running classes since 2001 as a Reiki Master, during which time I have been a Member of the Reiki Association. I am an active supporter of the Reading Branch of The Federation of Holistic Therapists, the UK’s largest professional therapist association.

Alexander Technique

I have been involved since 1997 with the Alexander Technique, when a knee injury threatened my 16 year career as a Yoga Teacher. I completed a 3 year training course, to gain MSTAT, with continuing, ongoing training. This included organising the first STAT Continuing Profession Development Event in Newbury, in 2007.

One Command® Circle Leader

I have been interested in Life Coaching since 2003 and successfully completed a Diploma with Newcastle College in 2005. I completed the first ‘Science of Being Well and Beyond Intensive’ course, with Dr Alexandra Gayek, in July 2008. After this I discovered the ‘One Command®‘ and become a Certified Circle Leader in March 2010.

One Command® Seminar Leader

I became a One Command® Seminar Leader to enable me to teach the Commanding Wealth & Practitioner courses. Also to allow me to coach individuals and groups with the One command® process.

I am an experienced Adult Education Tutor and Associate Member of The Institute of Learning, teaching since 1982, in Nottingham, Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire West Berkshire, subjects, such as, Natural Vision Improvement, Psychic Awareness, Native American Wisdom and the Alexander Technique.

Access Bars®

A colleague from Calgary, Canada, telephoned to tell me about Access Consciousness and suggested that I have my Bars run. She recommended that I read “Being You, Changing the World before joining a Goggle hangout with Dr Dain Heer, the author. I took her advise and as a result I started to question my long held beliefs and misconceptions as what it meant” to be in the wrong and not doing the right thing”. My misunderstandings had been causing me to feel low and anxious. Having my Bars run enabled me to have more space and ease in my body. I would liken it to being enfolded in warmth and care .I enjoy running others people’s Bars so that they too are able to receive their own unique experiences. Because I enjoy it so much I have become a Bars Facilitator and train others in this wonderful Process. What else is possible?