Alexander Technique

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Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique is a re-education system for the human mind and body.

The ‘Alexander Technique’ came into being from F.M. Alexander, who was an actor. He lost his voice when reciting, and stopped working to try and figure out what he was doing that caused the problem. It took him 12 years, observing himself in a mirror, before he realized he had a tendency to tighten his head, neck and back.

It wont take you 12 years to learn his technique!

You must, however, be prepared to give this alternative therapy some time.

How it works

The process works by a series of what appears to be a very gentle guidance from the teacher’s hands, with directions. These commands directly influence the nervous system and send signals to the muscles to release. This can cause a general relaxation in the whole body. A lighter, free-er sensation is obtained.

The Technique has benefits for conditions including:- back pain, RSI, stage-fright, depression, whip-lash, sports injuries, stress, chronic pain, certain degenerative diseases. It offers a real alternative to specialists such as Osteopaths and Chiropractors.

A feeling of vitality returns and a zest for living, gives a calmer, confident outlook on life and living.

Patients who had been trained in the Alexander Technique reported less pain and an ability to do more by the end of the year, those who combined Alexander technique with exercise improved by 40% to 45 %, he said. The Guardian 20/8/08 from back pain trials by Prof Paul Little of Southampton’s faculty and colleagues. See BMJ online report.

ATLAS Neck Pain Trial University of York funded by Arthritis Research UK 2015.The results show that people with chronic neck pain up to on average 6 years who attended 20 one to one Alexander Technique lessons gained significant long term benefits with significant reductions in neck pain and associated disability kept one year after lessons began.

Children's Treatments

I am able to offer treatment to children from birth to five years old and from five years old until 18 years old; they must be accompanied by an adult.

Parents or Guardians, please Contact me for prices and lengths of treatment.

Alexander Technique Video

British Medical Journal Video

This video is produced by the British Medical Journal regarding the Back Pain trials in 2008

Alexander in Education

Golfing and the Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique


Price: £52 per lesson, payment required at time of booking.
SPECIAL OFFER: Pay for 4 lessons, get 5th one FREE (Pre-payment required)

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What my clients say...

I began the Alexander Technique in January 2016 hoping for general tension relief and a cure of related vocal problems. After 21 lessons there have been noticeable results and voice improvement, as attested by others. It has also strengthened my back, something I was not expecting! The technique is very useful for anyone with a busy lifestyle, I left every lessons feeling very refreshed.
- The Reverend Lawrence Barrett
Recently when shopping in a large department store I entered the changing rooms with some items, when I noticed the setup of the mirrors. Having had numerous Alezander Technique lessons I have become much more interested in my posture and developing self awareness using observation through mirrors. Whereas at home I am normally looking in a single mirror, this changing room had three different mirrors set up sp you could view yourself from any angle. I found this extremely interesting and spent the next ten minutes viewing my posture from all angles, completely forgetting that I had come in to try some clothes on!
- JT. Newbury
I came in November 2011 for lessons, suffering from back pain, stress, feelings of being overwhelmed. After 10 lessons this was considerably reduced. After 40 lessons I can sometimes notice stimuli and its effect on me i.e. when I move consciously or unconsciously. I habitually walk with a straighter back and I am taller. I am aware of my sitting posture . I am aware of holding and releasing tension in my body.
- Stuart Warner, 35, Newbury
I came in March 2011 for lessons, recommended by the John Radcliffe Pain Specialist Clinic, Oxford, and by my Osteopath . I wanted to be pain-free and mobile, to be young again and calm and acceptable. After 13 lessons I had become more aware of my posture, of my body, and of my inner self.
- - Sue Rutter, 67, Thatcham

Useful Links
the website representing the teachers of the Alexander Technique, founded 1958. Find a teacher near you and further information on the Technique. Also information and links on back pain trials run by Southampton faculy and reported in the British Medical Journal.
Alexander teacher Chloe Stallibrass has had positive results with the Alexander Technique on pupils with Parkinsons disease.
British Medical Journal
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The Guardian Health & Wellbeing
Sam Murphy 21/8/08