Happy Mouth™ Generative an Restorative Energetic Systems for Healing

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By Dr Tom Kolso


Would you like to consciously regrow missing teeth, gum tissue and bone structures? Do you know that it is possible to have plaque and calculus NOT build on your teeth?

Generative Energetic Dentistry can create infinite possibilities for being conscious with your dental health.

If you would like specific dental clearings and processes to change and create not only healthy teeth, gums and bones but a Happy Mouth™

Consider having this system? This includes activations, generation and restorative points on the head, hands-on body processes and verbal clearings.

There is even a Youthening Point!

Full activation of the systems require 21 days of consecutive activations any less than that and you would be wasting your money.

Sessions are one hour long and are £132.00 payable in advance. To discuss your requirements contact Tanya Whannell on 01635 745070 or 07415 662914 or tanya@Whannell.co.uk

Tanya Whannell is a Certified Happy Mouth Practitioner.

If you would like a Happy Mouth® Generative an Restorative Energetic Systems for Healing information evening set up for a group of friends or work colleagues she is happy to travel to you! Cost £25.00 per person.

“The Tooth Decay Cocktail”. This energetic service is offered to anyone who is prone to tooth decay. It requires 3 or more 60 minute sessions to allow the mouth and the gums to regenerate.

If you are prone to tooth decay; Consider having a ”Tooth Decay Energy Cocktail”, 3 or more 60 minute sessions may be required.

If you would like to try one session please contact me.

To make a payment, please see the Training and Events page.

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