Reiki Training

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People who have trained include, for example, complimentary therapists, spiritual healers, trainers, beauty & massage therapists, lecturers, writers, personal organizers, interior designers, feng-shui experts. In fact, people come from all walks of life, who decide to attune to Reiki.

Note it is a pre-requisite of all the listed training courses that a treatment is completed prior to commencement of the training, and the right is reserved to accept only suitable applicants.

Degree Level 1

Level I is for physical healing. At this level you can treat yourself, family, friends, plants, etc. This is intensive and normally takes place over 1 day. Usually 9.30am to 5.30pm, by arrangement, and normally carried out in small groups.

Cost for the 1 day training is £150 and includes manual, certificate, four attunements and one symbol

Degree Level II - Become a practitioner

Level II is for mental and emotional healing. To be taken no less than 3 months after achieving Level I, the attunement process for this level is usually taken over one day from 10am to 3pm, by arrangement. At this level students want to become practitioners, and may want to set up a practice. Two extra symbols are passed. Certificates are issued on the day.

Cost for the day £250 and includes manual, certificate and 2 symbols.

Master Level

To be taken no less than one year after achieving Level II. At master level one is required to master the Reiki energy and to teach. It is possible to earn ones living through Reiki at this point. It takes one day from 10am to 3pm.

Cost £750 and includes manual, certificate, master symbol and how to setup small groups and pass attunements.

Please note I am happy to attune students from other Masters, to encourage and support their development.

Payment can be made on the Training and Events page.

Course Title Reiki Level One
Date & Time Saturday 4th May 2019, From 10.00 until 18.00
Location Private Address Thatcham
Description Reiki is a beautiful hands on System comes from Japan. This level one class enables you to gift Reiki to yourself to your family and friends your plants, your car and laptop! It is the start of a wonderful journey. Who know where it will take you. Come and join this friendly group of like hearted students who desire to change their worlds for the better. Snacks and drinks provided. Lunch bring your own favourites.
Cost £150.00 to include handy manual and Certificate if class successfully completed.

What my clients say...

Tanya was very supportive and encouraging and always available to answer any queries. I have known Tanya for several years and attended Reiki-share evenings with her. These were very enjoyable and I found her a very caring and well informed teacher. I was then trained by Tanya as a Reiki Master, attending several classes covering both the theory and practical aspects of Reiki Mastership. The classes were well structured, but relaxed and the pace was just right.
- Sue
I found Tanya to be a very good Reiki teacher, she answered all of my questions clearly , in a way that I could understand and was very welcoming and warming. The course is just the right length, in that it is long enough for you to absorb all of the information, but not too long that you run out of things to do. I would recommend Tanya to anyone wanting to learn Reiki, as she has a very relaxed teaching style. I enjoyed the course very much.
- Sarah