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Reiki Healing

Reiki is becoming very popular because it is so simple. There is no need to have a religious belief or to meditate or do any “mind” training. As a client receiving a treatment, one can just sit or lie back and relax. It can treat a wide range of physical, mental and emotional conditions. It can also be used with prescribed medication, other complementary treatments and beauty treatments. It is a good all round therapy.

The word Reiki means “universal life energy”. It is a natural healing system from Japan. Symbols are used during the healing process, their origins may be unknown.

Why use Tanya Whannell's Reiki Healing service.

How is it done?

A practitioner works with his or her hands, a few inches away from your body on the “aura”, or invisible body which surrounds the physical. Can also work directly on the physical body, near or on the affected part. A complete session normally takes 45 minutes and the client is fully clothed for the whole treatment. It is advisable to have four treatments, although one can be beneficial.

People enjoy receiving Reiki and then decide to train as Reiki healers themselves. The process to become a healer is also very simple, more information on the Reiki Training page or Training Courses page for details of my up and coming courses.

Children's Treatments

I am able to offer treatment to children from birth to five years old and from five years old until 18 years old; they must be accompanied by an adult.

Parents or Guardians, please Contact me for prices and lengths of treatment.


Reiki treatments last for one hour and the first one includes consultation, cost - £52.00.

Payment must be made in advance and the Reiki Treatment Application Form submitted, then your appointment will be confirmed.

Payment can be made on the Training and Events page.

Application Form

Click here to complete the online form or click here to download a printable application form which can be either posted or scanned, saved and emailed.

I also offer Reiki Training.

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