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The One Command®

Tanya Whannell is a One Command® Coach, Seminar Leader and Certified Circle Leader.

What is the One Command®?

It's designed to stop negative beliefs in a moment and to create better outcomes. It's not life coaching; it's coaching that will change your life - give you a richer life.

We ask you to ask yourself 3 questions:

  1. What do I want to change?
  2. What do I want to improve?
  3. What do I want to remove?

To find out more and to understand how the One Command® can help you, visit a circle.

What happens at a Circle?

You learn to make commands. You get support, encouragement and inspiration.

Circles are part teaching, part workshop and are life-changing.

Anyone can benefit who is ready for a change in health, wealth, money, business and success.

I run Circles, by invitation, in other locations of the U.K.

Contact Tanya on 01635 745070 or email her on and get more information, Circles, Commanding Wealth Seminars, Coaching Sessions and Training Courses

Commanding Wealth 3 Day Seminars

ou will learn how up in till now habitual thoughts create beliefs, patterns and programmes. Discover the Theta brain wave and how to change.

You will learn how to focus, with the 6 step process of The One Command®. This process helps you to create your dreams, big or small, so you can live more freely in the present, and enjoy life to the full.

The One Command® coaching sessions this is 1 to 1 coaching session for individuals The One Command® 1 day seminar learning the ideas of the one command.

3 Day Seminars are available in all regions.

One Command Coaching Sessions

One Command coaching sessions are available, either via telephone or face-to-face for health, business, relationship, finance, success issues.

We will work with what is in your present reality and what do you want to change, improve or remove. And we will work with The One Command® to transform your current reality.


3 x one hour sessions are £150 + FREE 20 minute consultation
1 x one hour session for £52

Skype and telephone sessions available

Application Form

Click here to download our One Command Coaching Application Form.

One Command® Practitioner Certified Course - Level One

Learn how to become a One Command® Practitioner, over 3 days. Discover how to give a practitioner session, to either add to your existing practise, or start a new career or business. During the course you will learn to heal yourself and others, using the One Command® process. There is plenty of ongoing support, both during the course and after the course, if required.


The cost is £495 per delegate, 2 booking together 2nd one is half price.

To make a payment, please see the Training and Events page.

What my clients say...

I was full of energy!!! I have seen a change on a metabolic level, not in the head, but in the body and that is more profound for me, because I can tell my head anything, but the body doesn’t always follow suit. So all is well in my world. I feel I am on an awakening path, quite amazing.
- Co-ordinator, Reading FHT

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