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Notepad, glass and smartphone


Course Title How Much are you willing to receive?
Date & Time Wednesday 1st May 2019, 19.30 until 21.00
Location Private Address Thatcham West Berkshire
Description Based on the book how much are you willing to receive? What if Money is not the problem you are? Tools and tips to make life and living easier! You will receive a copy of the book and a handy manual.
Cost Cost is £22.50

Classes for Fun

Course Title Stepping into being you discovering your Psychic self
Description Imagine not being able to fight people around you ,waking up and having a sense of gratitude, being in any situation and having a sense of peace and joy, imagine not judging any of the choices you have made imagine feeling really good about yourself and not having to prove anything to anybody. You are invited to join the adventure of being. Based on the book being you and changing the world by Dr Dain Heer
Course Title How different are you willing to be?
Description A class based on the book “Pragmatic Psychology Practical Tools for Being Crazy Happy! By Susanna Mittermaier. Would you be willing to be the only one who does not have a problem?
Course Title How much are you willing to receive?
Description A class based on the book ”Money isn’t the problem you are” By Gary Douglas & Dr Dain Heer. So, what can I add to my life today that will create money right away?
Course Title Create More Time More Money and More Joy
Description A class based on the book “The Joy of business” by Simone Milasas. What if your business is a separate entity from you?

All these classes are 3 and half hours long and are £45.00 each. They come with a manual which you can use after the class. I can come to you! Please ask!


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